The Open, Privacy-Preserving Virtual Assistant

Almond translates your commands into a personalized program.

Brought to you by the Stanford Open Virtual Assistant Lab.

How Almond Works

See how Almond helps Kimmy babysit.

Learn how you can use Almond for your tasks.

Our Goal: Open Virtual Assistants for the Open Web

Virtual assistants are the new interface to the Web.
Our vision for virtual assistants includes:

Democratize AI for linguistic user interfaces

We should have open, collaborative research to put open-source linguistic technology in the hands of all businesses.

Learn more about our technology.

An open non-proprietary linguistic web

All skills, or linguistic user interfaces, should be made available to any virtual assistant.

Learn more about our open repository and how you can contribute.

Sharing with individual data ownership

We as users should have a choice in virtual assistant services and the ability to control how we share our data.

Learn more about how you can run Almond with maximum privacy.

What can Almond do?

Here is a sample of what Almond can do, and a few commands that our users and developers think are interesting. It is not an exhaustive list! Commands can combined in arbitrary ways, creating endless possibilities for your assistant.