Privacy in the age of virtual assistants

Can we reap the benefits of artificial intelligence while also protecting our personal information? Prof. Monica Lam discusses virtual assistants with Prof. Ross Altman in the latest episode of The Future of Everything radio show from Sirius XM.

Published June 7, 2019.

New Milestone: 100 Devices

Today, Thingpedia has passed the 100 devices mark, meaning that more than 100 devices, services and accounts are now available in the Almond virtual assistant.

By Giovanni Campagna. Published December 11, 2018.

A Christmas Gift from the Almond Team

What is red, comes in December, and makes children happy? The new Almond website of course! Well, maybe children don't use Almond (yet), but we are nevertheless delighted to announce our new website and developer platform to the world.

By Giovanni Campagna. Published November 29, 2018.